Back before I even considered a career as a professional illustrator, I would do the occasional commissioned artwork. In that respect, I haven't changed, and am happy to take on extra work to create a unique piece of art for you. I work primarily in chalk pastel, but I'm open to trying new media and I don't really set limits on my artistic capabilities when it comes to one-off commissions. Simply email in order to get in touch about commissioning a piece of art. I've created portraits, murals, greeting cards, and many more pieces, including this whimsical pastel illustration for the nursery of a friend's baby:



Pricing for Custom Original Art

Pricing for custom original art is, at best, a strange alchemy and subject to many factors. Please consider the chart below when thinking of the type of artwork that you'd like me to create for you. It shows an A4 (international paper-sized) piece of art in incrementally greater levels of detail and colour (with the size and subject matter remaining constant), and should serve as a useful reference when figuring out the price. Once you contact me (, we can use this chart to judge the level of colour and detail that you might want, and therefore come to an artist's fee which reflects the work involved. The price of framing (should you want it framed) and cost of shipping will also be added into my quote for you.

There are exceptions to the rule that a black and white piece would be cheaper, but on the whole, that is usually the case.


Graphic Design

I have also ventured into the more practical realm of graphic design. Should you require design work, for a business logo or packaging for a product, I have plenty of experience in this field. I charge an hourly rate, and we can discuss details via email ( Recently, I have created a logo and wrapper designs for a protein bar company, the logo for a gifts and publishing company, as well as the logo and visual elements for spa products company.


Are You A Scientist or Researcher?

It is a strange question to ask, but if you are a scientist, I'd love to help illustrate your research to get its message out to a wider audience. In 2012, I helped an entomologist friend of mine with an image for a blog post which discussed dung beetles "dancing" atop their dung-balls in order to orient themselves directionally. The scientist who did the original research on the dung beetles contacted me, and hoped to use my drawing in a presentation he was giving. I was honoured to help him out with the drawing, and as I can make no direct contribution myself to the number-laden research involved in science, I'd love to do my part to help disseminate new information in an approachable way to the general public with my art. Therefore, I will knock 20% off the pricing above if you are, indeed, a scientist, and the artwork you wish to commission is intended to accompany your research. Please get in touch with me via If you can get me to understand your work, then I can get others to understand it with a cute cartoon or more detailed drawing.


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