Since April 2014, I have been doing illustration events with British bespoke fragrance brand Jo Malone London. The events themselves are an engaging way for Jo Malone London to provide its customers with unique versions of their elegant boxes in order to make the act of gift-giving more enjoyable. I sit at the counter in the store and create hand-drawn images on the iconic cream and black boxes in which Jo Malone London packages its fragrances, candles and bath products. 

Usually coinciding with a major holiday, I conduct day-long events where I not only draw, but also have friendly chats with people passing through the shop. Ideally, the drawings appeal enough to the customer that he or she will buy more products in order to fill the large box and take home my artwork. The events have proven to be a great success, with customers being very enthusiastic, taking photos, and sometimes coming back to get one or two more drawn boxes after already completing their initial purchase.

The signature Jo Malone London box, along with my artistic additions.

I hope to continue doing illustration events with Jo Malone London indefinitely, however, I also hope to grow the concept of an "illustration event" and discover new ways to apply it. The illustration event was conceived as an idea for a luxury retail environment, however, I would like to take its simple elegance to other locations - receptions, exhibit openings, office parties etc.

Booking an Illustration Event

Perfect for a new product launch or as a treat for your customers on holidays, illustration events are especially suited to any brand that emphasises gift-giving. Please get in touch with me at, and we can discuss a possible illustration event in detail. I'm happy to read over brand guidelines and cater the imagery used in the event to your specific needs. The subject matter for Jo Malone London is unique to that brand, however, I can draw almost anything with my pen, not just London landmarks.

A line drawing to match any occasion!

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