Imagination Portraits


Imagine a child's portrait that is more than just a likeness, but captures the very essence of childhood. It captures the whimsy of the hidden worlds your child conjures up everyday while playing, reading or day-dreaming. You supply one of the countless photos of your child that you already have, and I draw all manner of cute and fantastic imagery directly on it using digital media. This is not simply dropping in pre-existing artwork on to your photo, I will craft an imaginary world moulded directly to the environment of the photo which you provide. It will be an original piece of art, signed by me. With my illustrating directly on a photo that you took, it means the resulting beautiful artwork will have been created by you, as well as by me. This is the perfect gift or keepsake, whether your child is a dragon tamer, fairy princess, outer space explorer, sports star, or superhero.


Ordering your own Imagination Portrait:
Simply email me at attaching the photo that you would like me to enhance with my artwork. If you have something particular in mind for me to do to the image, please let me know, or else allow me to create an imaginative world to suit the photo. There are no limits to how I can alter the photo, so be as creative as you'd like!
Pricing for an Imagination Portrait:
My fee for an Imagination Portrait depends on how detailed and transformative the alterations I make are to the original photograph. The pricing starts at £250, but increases with the complexity of the imaginative world that I create. The more elaborate the costumes, setting and additional characters, the more my fee increases. We will establish the exact fee over email before I start the work.
What you get when you order an Imagination Portrait:
Each Imagination Portrait will take roughly a week to complete (depending on its complexity) and, in the end, you will receive the signed image in a high quality digital file. With this digital file, you will be able to use the artwork across all manner of media that you choose - including holiday cards, photo books, postcards etc. I will also provide a link through which you can purchase framed prints of the artwork through my website.
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