Papier-mâché Animal Heads

Why have a vast blank wall, when you could have the hint of a woodland or faux hunting lodge instead? To be frank, these constructed animal heads are fun! They brighten up spaces with more than just their colours, each one has personality and style. They are simple enough to hang smartly with modern decor and crafty enough to sit confidently on the walls of a cottage. 

I create them using a wire frame covered in papier-mâché and paint. My current designs include a stag, a fox, a bear, a badger, and a rabbit. To place an order for one of these designs, simply contact me at 

 However, if traditional woodland creatures simply won't do, you can order an animal head to your specifications. I'd happily create a zebra, walrus, unicorn, dragon or anything you can think up to be mounted on a wall. Again, contact me at for pricing and other details.

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