Map of Constantinople 1453


I love history. I love maps. I love maps which illustrate historical events. In fact, I don't draw nearly enough of these illustrated maps considering how much I love them -- I say this with regard to my own entertainment in creating them, not really caring if anyone else would ever want such a map. However, if you are a big history nerd like me, and enjoy Byzantine or Turkish history to boot, then this is the image for you!

It demonstrates the dramatic point in the Turkish siege of Constantinople in 1453 when the Ottomans finally blew a hole with their fancy new cannons into the city's famously impregnable wall. If you look closely, you can pick out the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI Palaiologos, bellowing orders to his troops, the conquering sultan, Mehmed II, looking over the tumultuous scene with extreme self-satisfaction, and even the Ottoman Turk army working labouriously to drag their ships over land in order to get them into the protected Golden Horn waterway that the Byzantines thought they had sealed off.

Medium: Pen & Ink and Watercolour

Size: A4 landscape - 297mm x 210mm

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